Cupzotea specializes in contract packaging, offering a comprehensive solution for customized tea packaging and global export.
We work closely with businesses to design and create unique tea packaging tailored to their brand and product requirements.

From sourcing high-quality tea leaves to blending, packaging, and logistics, we handle every aspect of the process.
With Cupzotea, businesses can focus on their core competencies while we ensure their tea products are professionally packaged and ready for market.

Tea Bagging Options

  • Constanta Envelope
  • Maisa Envelop
  • Constanta string & tag
  • Maisa tag

Single Chamber Tea Bag

Single Chamber Tea Bags

Single chamber string and tag tea bag refers to the convenient tea bag solution, which allows exposure to the hot waters from two sides. Being commonly used, you may prepare your cup of tea instantly, whenever you thirst for the finest Pure Ceylon Tea from Tea Trends.

Double Chamber Tea Bag

Double Chamber Tea Bags

Double Chamber string and tag tea bags will be enveloped in convenient packaging, which ensures preservation of your future delightful tea moments in style.

Pyramid Tea Bag

Pyramid Tea Bags

Pyramid Tea bags are the latest advancement of convenient tea making, which has revolutionised the way global community enjoys a cup of specialty tea. The bags are made from nylon strands which are woven into a tiny net-like mesh. The mesh comprise of holes that are much larger than ordinary paper bag that allow warm waters to interact with more of the tea leaves, permitting to release more nutrients, character and essential oils to your cup of Pure Ceylon Tea.

Tea Packing Options

Tea Carton

Our tea carton packaging combines style and practicality, keeping your favorite teas fresh and accessible. These sturdy cartons feature vibrant designs that add a touch of charm to your tea cupboard. Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with our tea carton packaging, an excellent choice for tea lovers who appreciate both style and convenience.
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Paper Pouch

Eco-friendly and charming, our paper pouches keep your teas fresh while helping the planet. Made from biodegradable materials, they add an elegant touch to your tea experience while reducing environmental impact. Choose paper pouches for a responsible and delightful way to enjoy your favorite teas.
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Tin Caddy

Elegance meets preservation with our tin tea packaging. These airtight tins lock in the flavor and aroma of our finest teas, ensuring each cup is as fresh as the first. The timeless appeal of tin adds sophistication to your tea collection and makes for a perfect gift option. Discover the art of tea storage with our tin packaging, designed to elevate your tea-drinking experience.
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